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Depends on your style and what you value, but I would say your best bets would be 97 Wayne, 95 Jordy, or 96 Ward. The Ward's a little slow at this point, but his other attributes make up for it. TOP 10 WR's IN MUT 18! | Madden 18 Ultimate Team - YouTube the top 10 wr's in madden 18 ultimate team! LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE Connect!

Ranking the NFL's best slot receivers. Print. ... Who is the best slot receiver in the NFL? I posed this question to Chris Wesseling, who didn't hesitate to rank Percy Harvin No. 1. All Madden 18 Player Development Traits For Franchise Mode All Madden 18 Player Development Traits For Franchise Mode It is extremely important in your Madden 18 franchise to have players with Superstar and Quick development traits and to avoid players with Slow development. Best Slot Receivers Mut 17 - Ulf Öberg AB -

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Madden 16 Tips - How To Playmaker A WR! by ZFarls. ... Madden 16 Tips - Best Man Beating Plays In Colts Playbook ... MUT 16 - Better Slot WR? Tavon Austin or T.Y. Hilton? Top 50 Available 2018 NFL Free Agents | Here’s our Top 50 list of Available 2018 NFL Free Agents. This list will be updated continuously through the offseason as players are signed to extensions and released, so be sure to check back for the latest updates ... NEPlaybook : PA Y SHOT in Singleback Tight Slots I have several setups like I like to use out of the PA Y Shot play, in the video above I share 2 of the ways I setup the play. While I don't think the second setup is a good as it was in Madden '18, I still think it is a terrific play to use in game, especially in head-to-head games to throw off your opponent.

Looking for some WR that are either 6'5 or taller and good spec catch or fast WR with good catch in traffic.

Which type of wide receivers thrive in which WR# slots ... Which type of wide receivers thrive in which WR# slots? (self.Madden) ... I like to have huge WR in the slot. Lately I have been drafting 6'6" TE and converting them to WR and using them as my slot and 2nd TE. ... If they get cute and start doubling and focusing on my Megatron then it lets me get free stuff off the top with my #2. My #3 or slot ... Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Top 10 Wide Receivers - RealSport

Madden 17 Ultimate Team: Top 10 Wide Receivers - RealSport

Starting a new MUT 18 Gameplay Series today and it kicks off with a all ACC Squad Builder. Can Rookie Draft Lamar Jackson lead us to victory?Struggle squad #22 best wr in the game? Unreal touchdowns! Mut 18 no money spent.

Memes and shit-posts are allowed on a limited basis given that they are relevant to MUT, ... Best WR you have used all year? ... Daily Sanders is the best slot ...

DeAndre Hopkins - Madden 19 - 98 OVR NFL Draft - Muthead Check out the full ratings for 98 OVR NFL Draft DeAndre Hopkins in Madden Ultimate Team 19 Madden NFL 19 Adds Specialist Positions Including Rush Ends

Players With The Highest Speed Rating In Madden 18. This year, there are 32 guys with speed ratings 94 and above. Bengals’ rookie John Ross has the highest rating in the game with a 98, while the Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill comes in 1 below him at 97. Below is the full list of … Madden 18 Franchise Tips: Top 10 Sleeper WRs - Sports Sep 04, 2017 · Sports Gamers Online is back with another installment in the Top 10 Sleeper series for Madden 18, this time focusing on the top sleeper wide receivers. ‘Madden 18MUT Squads: 5 tips for success in Madden Aug 12, 2017 · ‘Madden 18’ MUT Squads: 5 tips for success in Madden Ultimate Team mode By Brian Mazique | Aug. 12, 2017 Madden NFL 18 releases on Aug. 25 and one of its most popular modes, Madden Ultimate